PHX Sky Train Phase 2



Phase 2 of the PHX Sky Train® project will include enabling work, new stations and facilities, roadway modifications, primary power, at grade guideway and elevated guideways. The project includes two new stations and a partial build of a third future station, ultimately providing service to the Rental Car Center to avoid further strains on airport roadways and accommodate projected passenger growth.


The PHX Sky Train® - Phase 2 project continues with construction of the 24th Street Station, south of the Corporate Office Building and the Rental Car Center (RCC) Station, in front of the RCC. Construction of the train guideway is also underway at Terminal 2, in and around the West Economy Parking Lot, North of West Air Cargo, in the Facilities and Services Yard and in the Sky Harbor Circle South restriction. Work activities for expansion of the train system has begun in two sections of the new train guideway.


Hensel Phelps