Terminal 4 S1 Concourse


Terminal 4 South 1 Concourse Rendering (T4 S1)


The Terminal 4 S1 Concourse project will construct the eighth concourse on the southwest end of Terminal 4. The concourse will be comprised of new concessions, retail locations and air carrier gates. Additional facilities related to this project will consist of a new baggage handling system and baggage carousel, a north/south concourse connector bridge on the west side of the terminal and ticketing counters.


Work is underway at multiple project locations. Work at the S1 Concourse building is ongoing with both interior and exterior activities. The apron concrete project is now beginning on the west side of the project site. The east/west transfer bridge deck is now complete, connecting the new concourse to the existing terminal. The north/south transfer bridge deck is also complete and is in the process of being enclosed. Temporary construction walls will be located throughout level 3 on the west end of the terminal to facilitate the tie-in of the new transfer bridge, expansion of security checkpoints and consolidation of west end exits.


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