Important Notices

Runway 3/21 Closures

Please be advised that nightly Runway 3/21 closures will be implemented for necessary runway pavement maintenance in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Airport Pavement Management System (APMS) beginning the week of April 27 and will continue through June 2014. Pavement improvements to the Phoenix Goodyear Airport Runway 3/21 will include joint sealing, crack sealing, partial depth repairs, and permanent pavement markings.

The construction schedule is subject to change as the project progresses. Be sure to watch for future notifications as we continue to keep you up-to-date on work activities as well as runway restriction dates and times.

Also, please be sure to review all active NOTAMS prior to conducting any flight activity. Remember to use caution for personnel and lighted barricades within the area.

Thank you for your patience while we improve your airport.

Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Newsletter

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