Upcoming Construction

DVT North Ramp Reconstruction Project

Phase 4 of the project will be completed on
May 27, 2016 along with the re-opening of Gate 5.

Phase 5 of the project, which affects open tie-downs
1000 – 1075, is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 23
and will continue through late July. Please take a moment
to familiarize yourself with the following restrictions
during Phase 5:

  • Taxiway Alpha access via Ramp 8 & Ramp 9 is closed
  • West Perimeter Road is closed from the southwest corner of the airfield to the North Ramp; For alternative access use gate 6
  • West oil accumulation site (located off of west perimeter road) is closed; Alternative accumulation site located on the east side of North Ramp
  • Access to/from the self-fueling facility will be MAINTAINED during Phase 5

Please click here for phasing plan.